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Oh What A Wicked Web They Have Weaved – Right In Front Of Our Noses

December 16, 2011
Michael Bruning, MAIA

What you are about to read is not the “stuff” that conspiracy theories are made of, but rather, they are the “facts” that are spun from the wicked web that our civilian lawmakers, neo-cons and power hungry minions have woven from intricate and deceptive scenario’s that have been skillfully fed to the general public for their consumption.  The indoctrination of the american landscape is alive and well and the consummate feeding frenzy of the brainwashed is at an all time high.  One only need look back at the “unbelievable” actions taken by this administration over the past several months (weeks) – to begin to appreciate where the culmination of these actions will take us.  Let’s examine a few.

Several months ago, the Obamasiah decided to grant the DOJ and DHS the ability to use “prosecutorial” discretion in their processing of more than 300,000 illegal aliens who are (were) already in custody awaiting deportation to their home country.  Mind you, these are already “caught and incarcerated” illegal aliens and literally millions of dollars, man hours and precious resources have already been spent to accomplish this.  Now, all of those tax payer resources amount to nothing.  The illegal’s will be released – and even given the high unemployment rate – they will be given work permits and other public benefits.

In the face of this action, Border patrol Agents have been given verbal instructions not to actively engage in the arrest, incarceration and deportation of illegal aliens….even if they can visibly see them crossing the border.  Thus, the Administration and DHS can and have reported that arrests and deportations of illegal aliens are dramatically on the decline.  And, even after declaring that our southern border is safer than ever before – the government has posted numerous billboards in the Arizona dessert that forbid american citizens from using our own tax payer funded parks and federal lands for recreation, hunting and fishing….while at the same time admitting that there are literally hundreds of observation posts along the southern border, on U.S. territory that is controlled by illegal alien “spotters” who are in the employ of the Drug and Human Smuggler Cartels.

Likewise, there are factual reports that in the past several years, the number of Border patrol Agents that have been arrested for participating in illegal border activity has risen from several hundred to more than 850 individuals and most have “mexican” connections, while a good number are not even american citizens.  Mothers Against Illegal Aliens/Amnesty has proposed that every Border Patrol Agent and ICE Agent be polygraphed as a condition of employment and that this practice continue on a random basis throughout their career with DHS.  And, as a safeguard to ensure their legal status and Title V qualifications, no BP applicant be placed in a training or duty status until such time as a complete background and security check has been completed in its entirety.

More recently, we have learned that the likes of JUAN MCAMNESTY, the Sr. Senator from Arizona (a maverick-RINO) and Carl Levine, the Sr. Senator from Michigan (a progressive-liberal), along with a host of other left and right winged anti-constitutionalists, secretly penned an unconstitutional amendment to the Defense Authorization Act that would allow the President to use the Military to arrest, interrogate and detain -WITHOUT CHARGE – any American citizen, on or off american soil – if, in his opinion, they were engaged in any act that would or could be defined as a terrorist action.  Such draconian views were addressed by our Founders and dismissed as egregious attacks upon our freedom and our liberty and to be sure, this amendment is clearly in violation of the 4th and 5th Amendments to our Constitution and violate the very protections and safeguards set forth in our Bill of Rights which celebrated its 220th birthday signing a few days ago.  This same Act, while destroying the rights of American citizens to judicial process, allows for the practice of sodomy and bestiality among our men and women in uniform.  The usurper in chief has agreed NOT TO VETO the legislation.

And then we have the plan to use the military (and there are now ads to recruit employee’s) and civilian employee’s to “man” FEMA and other government Detention Centers for the purpose of incarcerating citizens and other individuals in mass numbers.  These Camps are in the hundreds and are located in every State in the Union, with the State of Alaska having the largest facility of all.  And, just who would be sent out to “collect” these people who will occupy these Camps….you might ask?  Would our Military men and women….loyal patriots and guardians of our nation consent to such orders?  I think not, but, there will be those who will because they will be blind with misplaced loyalty, and a morons understanding of the Constitution.  But wait one minute!  As recently reported by the DoD, there are some 28,000 ILLEGAL ALIENS SERVING ON ACTIVE DUTY IN OUR MILITARY!!  And, if there are that many on active duty….how many more are there on inactive status or on reserve duty – since our MILITARY RECRUITERS BEGAN THE PRACTICE OF VIOLATING FEDERAL IMMIGRATION LAW?  Might these be the individuals, having NO LOYALTY TO THE USA turn their weapons and resources on American citizens – under threat of losing their illegally obtained U.S. citizenship status – or out of fear of being processed for one of the Camps themselves?  The answers lie not in what the government tells us about this or about that.  The real truth lies in the combination of all these little tid-bits and only when we understand what they all mean when taken as a whole will we understand who in the government has been calling the shots….who is pulling the strings….and what is the worse case scenario that we should all be preparing for.  Certainly, no one with a brain cell could say that what we are seeing and that which is happening….is anything but abnormal!

Just today, the DOJ issued a threatening report, filled with bald-face lies, concerning Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the men and women in law enforcement employed by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.  The DOJ’s head of the Civil Rights Division, Mr. Perez, referenced numerous so-called incidents of civil rights violations that had been allegedly committed by the MCSO which includes the Department of Corrections as well.  Needless to say, this is a clear demonstration of political and ethnic malpractice aimed at undermining the law enforcement efforts of the very men and women that engage in honorable service to Maricopa County and this nation.  Mr. Perez’s findings go against the very nature of the  enforcement of the Rule of Law – and it was he and his office – under orders from AG Eric Holder (Mr. Fast and Furious) that refused to prosecute members of the Black Panthers who threatened and harassed voters outside of a voting precinct – armed with batons and in paramilitary attire.  Likewise, this administration, while manufacturing data and manipulating facts to raise its ratings among the hispanic and black communities, has leveled DOJ lawsuits, using public funds, against Arizona, Alabama, Utah, South Carolina, Georgia and several other States that have initiated and passed State Immigration Laws – all of which are purely “enforcement” actions taken in support of Federal Immigration Laws.  And, as for the DOJ attack on Sheriff Joe, one might be wise to consider that this long, drawn out affair comes subsequent to the “volunteer” led claim and investigative action by Arizona Citizens, relative to the Obamasiah’s Birth Certificate, his lack of NATURAL BORN CITIZENSHIP status – and subsequently his  ineligibility to have sought and serve within the Office of the President.  The putrid truth about this issue is that all of our elected and constitutionally appointed and employed Federal, State and Local tax payer funded employee’s know that Obama DOES NOT meet the requirements of the constitutions “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN” clause and they ABSOLUTELY REFUSE TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT!!  Even Ms high and mighty Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona refused to sign legislation that would have required that CERTIFIED VALID PROOF OF NAUTRAL BORN CITIZENSHIP status be filed with the Secretary of State before the candidates name could be placed on the ballot.  I know that politicians really love VOTER FRAUD, but this really takes the cake.

To be quite sure, there are no coincidences in life.  As history has shown us numerous times….what we would logically expect to be an outcome of our efforts, more often than not come at us like a freight train loaded with disappointments.  In this very brief compilation of several out of thousands of incidents that have and continue to affect our national demeanor – the pattern of behavior offered up by those we have elected or appointed to public office is deeply troubling.  From the president to the congress to all of the federal, state and local “yokels”, we recognize the incompetence, yet refuse to enforce the kind of oversight that WE THE PEOPLE are directly responsible for.

When government runs amok, the only body that is responsible for this incursion upon our freedom and our liberty….is us….WE THE PEOPLE.  No one else!!  As Margaret Chase Smith once wrote….”we get the kind of government we vote for!”  After having just seen the “tip” of one iceberg….what kind of government do we have now?  What kind of government will we have when the rest of the story unfolds?  I rest my case.

Paul Revere In Arizona –
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