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Plundering America: Cops Acting as Robbers Squabble over the Loot

December 15, 2011
William Grigg, Republic Magazine

Through the officially sanctioned plunder called “civil asset forfeiture,” police departments across the country have confiscated untold millions in cash and property – and now some of the robbers are squabbling over how to divide the loot.

Police officers in the town of Westminster, Maryland (population roughly 19,000) are accusing their superiors “of misspending money seized from drug suspects by buying iPads and iPhones for top commanders,” reports the Baltimore Sun. It’s important to understand that through civil asset forfeiture, cash or property can be confiscated – that is, stolen – from people who have never been formally accused of a criminal offense, let alone convicted of one. This is a different proposition from criminal asset forfeiture, which involves seizure of money or property from an individual who has actually been convicted of a crime.

Through their local union, the Carroll County Fraternal Order of Police, officers in Westminster have charged that “bosses are getting all the perks while the rank and file are left cleaning up the mess,” explains attorney and police union labor negotiator Gary McLhinney.

While dismissing the allegations as union posturing in the context of contract negotiations, police and city officials have yet to offer a substantive denial.

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