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Taxation by Citation

December 12, 2011
John Brennan,

(Fifty more bushels of corn for the king)

Years ago, at its inception, the Internal Revenue Service, was duly deputized as the primary government agency responsible for collecting all personal and business taxes. The IRS, as it is referred to by most, has, over the years, grown into a mammoth operation. Steadily and methodically expanding, and with the use of new technology, has become very, very proficient at keeping track of what working Americans earn, and conversely, how much earnings should be returned to feed the king’s coffers. With so many financial transactions now recorded electronically, it is very difficult indeed to conceal real income and avoid any tax liability. The long tentacles of the IRS have extended into the purses and pockets of every working stiff. These tentacles act like powerful vacuum hoses, sucking every last penny they possibly can in order keep the wasteful wheels of government grinding away . But apparently the government needs even more from us. So now, in addition to employees of the IRS collecting tax revenue from us, another group of government extortionists has been deputized to perform this task. ; the men and women of law enforcement. Yes folks, cops have become the new ugly face of taxation here in America.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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