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BREAKING NEWS on Fast and Furious: Holder Adds Money Laundering to Gun Smuggling

December 7, 2011
AWR Hawkins, Breitbart

Operation Fast and Furious has marred Eric Holder’s stint as Attorney General. Between the selling of upwards of 2,500 weapons to straw purchasers (who were knowingly to pass the guns to criminals), the failure to trace those guns, the gun-walking, the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry with at least two of those guns, and the myriad cover-ups associated with the whole operation, Holder’s name is mud (or worse) among law abiding citizens. And the frequently made defense that this operation was meant to draw members of the Mexican cartel out into the light for capture is as tired as it is false.

Note to Holder: No one believes you were after cartel members. Everyone believes you were trying to cause enough crime on the border to justify the passage of more gun control.

But an interesting thing happened on the way to Holder’s prosecution—the DOJ added “cash-walking” to gun-walking and now, someone has to explain how the D.E.A. laundered hundreds of millions of dollars for the Mexican cartel.

That’s right, hundreds of millions of dollars.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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