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Bob Schieffer, Ron Paul and journalistic “objectivity”

November 25, 2011
Glenn Greenwald,

CBS News‘s Bob Schieffer is the classic American establishment TV journalist: unfailingly deferential to the politically powerful personalities who parade before him, and religiously devoted to what he considers his own “objectivity,” which ostensibly requires that he never let his personal opinions affect or be revealed by his journalism. Watch how thoroughly and even proudly he dispenses with both of those traits when interviewing Ron Paul last Sunday on Face the Nation regarding Paul’s foreign policy views. In this 7-minute clip, Schieffer repeatedly mocks, scoffs at, and displays his obvious contempt for, two claims of Paul’s which virtually no prominent politician of either party would dare express: (1) American interference and aggression in the Muslim world fuels anti-American sentiment and was thus part of the motivation for the 9/11 attack; and (2) American hostility and aggression toward Iran (in the form of sanctions and covert attacks) are more likely to exacerbate problems and lead to war than lead to peaceful resolution, which only dialogue with the Iranians can bring about:

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  1. November 26, 2011 2:24 am

    I listened very carefully Harold I also heard on TV. Schieffer is conservative and old establishment and in this case he was stunned. No political candidate has ever spoken so openly of an issue that is incendiary and downright Unpatriotic according to Republicans. Especially when other candidates were accusing Obama of being ??? for saying much less. But the most damning part is that Ron Paul was absolutely right. I have often said that Reagan and Bush have been using names like evil satanic and on and on and what we have now should have been expected. If someone I have never attacked starts calling me names and threatens me I also my decide I better defend myself. I think Ran Paul was great and while I do not agree with his internal Libertarian way of running a country on this he was absolutely right.

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