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Illegal Alien Driver’s Licenses In The Land Of Enchantment

November 24, 2011
Allan Wall,

DON’T LET NEW MEXICO BE THE NEXT ARIZONA – STOP GOVERNOR MARTINEZ is the headline on a “Send a Message” action page, on the website called “America’s Voice.”

Emblazoned on the page is a photo of New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, who has run afoul of the Open Borders lobby for attempting to – can you believe this? – deny driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.

Why should this even be controversial? Why do both sides in the illegal immigration dispute regard driver’s licenses as important?

In the U.S.A., a driver’s license is an important piece of identification. More than simply a permission to operate a motor vehicle, the driver’s license is our major form of identification in daily life. American citizens are often asked to show ID, and the ID they usually present is the driver’s license. People use them to cash checks, to prove their age, and to vote.

Driver’s licenses are utilized to obtain other documents. Once you have a driver’s license, obtaining other ID is not too difficult.

Some have amassed veritable collections of driver’s licenses. Ten years ago, the 9/11 terrorists held, among all 19 of them, a whopping 63 driver’s licenses from various states.

In California, the issue of licenses for illegals has been a perennial one in the state legislature, with legislator Gil Cedillo having introduced legislation nine times to get licenses approved for illegal aliens. Cedillo hasn’t been successful – yet.

In the border state of New Mexico – called “The Land of Enchantment” – this issue was on the front burner when the state’s new governor made an effort to change the law and stop issuing licenses to illegal aliens. She was stymied by – surprise, surprise – an activist judge. And since the governor of the state is a Republican woman of Mexican ancestry, her family history has already become an issue.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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