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Reforming Rather than Abolishing Plague: Stupid or Just Plain Venal?

November 22, 2011
Becky Akers, Lew

Quick: what first pops into your mind when someone says, “TSA”?

Sexual assault at airport checkpoints? Irradiation and deformed babies in utero? Theft? Bullies in brown-sorry, blue shirts screaming at the weak and defenseless, stripping diapers from dying grandmothers and teddy bears from toddlers?

Now imagine you’re writing a 24-page report on the TSA, timed to coincide with its tenth anniversary. How far are you into your first sentence before the words “pedophiles” and “unconstitutional,” “gate-rapists,” “prison” and “hanging offenses” befoul your computer’s screen?

I bet we have a bigger chance of finding the Constitution in Obama’s hip pocket than we do of your ignoring the TSA’s atrocities. I will further wager that you wouldn’t merely prescribe reforms for the agency, almost all of them bureaucratic (“TSA must act with greater independence from the DHS [Department of Homeland Security] … The TSA Administrator must be a priority appointment for the President, along with other agency heads and Cabinet-level Secretaries, and the length of the term of the TSA Administrator‘s appointment and compensation should be reexamined”). Instead, you would demand the agency’s immediate, total abolition – and at top volume, in ALL CAPS.

This is why you and I are serfs rather than Congresscriminals. These sociopaths can actually issue what the Washington Post risibly called a “harshly critical” “Joint Majority Staff Report” on the TSA without ever mentioning even one of its crimes against humanity.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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