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Amnesty by Any Means Extended to DOJ Lawyers

November 20, 2011
Janice Kephart

According to a story in today’s LA Times, amnesty is now officially being rolled out in U.S. immigration courts. Department of Justice (DOJ) immigration attorneys are being directed to work side-by-side with Department of Homeland Security immigration agents to significantly reduce pending deportation cases. In keeping with the DREAM Act-like-one-full-page-laundry-list of those illegal immigrants not to be touched by the rule of law, the pilot program will freeze currently docketed immigration deportations. Baltimore and Denver are the first to keep their illegal populations intact.

The intention is that the rest of the nation’s dockets – and the communities bearing the burden of these populations – are not far behind. This practice was first reported in Houston in 2010, where attorneys were ordered to dismiss cases by their superiors. Now it is an official program being rolled out across the country.

The backdrop to this particular amnesty program is based in the “prosecutorial discretion” memo issued by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director John Morton on June 17, 2011. This was the same memo that resulted in Morton’s second vote of no confidence by his unionized agents. The memo explicitly tells ICE agents and immigration attorneys to clear dockets, not fill them, with immigration violators. In fact, the memo has quite a bit of discussion on the issue. A few weeks ago I highlighted this new policy in “Amnesty by Any Means“:

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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