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Game Changer? JW Releases New Kagan Emails as Obamacare Heads to Supreme Court

November 20, 2011
Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch

From the moment Barack Obama signed his socialist healthcare overhaul into law, it was destined to wind up in the United States Supreme Court. And as we learned on Monday, that day will soon come. According to The Associated Press:

The Supreme Court said Monday it will hear arguments next March over President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul — a case that could shake the political landscape as voters are deciding if Obama deserves another term.

This decision to hear arguments in the spring sets up an election-year showdown over the White House’s main domestic policy achievement. And it allows plenty of time for a decision in late June, just over four months before Election Day.

Demonstrating the importance of this legal battle, the High Court announced it will hear a remarkable five and a half hours of oral argument, an extremely rare allotment of time in the Court’s modern era. (The last time that happened, the AP notes, was during arguments involving McCain-Feingold, key parts of which were ultimately ruled unconstitutional in 2003.) Supreme Court scrutiny will focus on, among other issues, the central component of Obamacare, the so-called “individual mandate,” which forces American citizens to purchase healthcare or face a stiff financial penalty. The Supreme Court will also consider whether all of Obamacare could be thrown out if any part of it is ruled unconstitutional. You can review the Court’s orders yourself here.

So now that the High Court has officially agreed to consider Obamacare, one question central to the fate of the law may no longer be theoretical: Will Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan recuse herself?

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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  1. November 20, 2011 11:30 pm

    The one thing that does not fit is that Obama original health care plan, the one he fought for aginst A Hillary National plan with full mandate for all, was turned down and the progressive chnaged it back to Hillary plan, but did not pass so thye came back asking Obama to step in, (those little …..) and we ended up with this mess. But is is not IObama Care it is Weiner and the rest o the progressive planned care, all they could get any way and blame Obama for not going all the way, keep having provate meeting if they can get Obama score down they can bring Hillary back, and gues what? Chaney McCain and etc, say she would be much better could work with the. For our gang we want to get rid of both Parties, there is no mandate for them inthe Constitution any way they called them Special Interest.

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