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Coming? The Warrantless ‘Security Check’ of Your Home

November 19, 2011
Eric Peters,

What Will We Say?

What will we say when the government announces that “for security reasons” it will begin conducting random checks of our homes? That we will be required by law to open our doors and stand aside while government agents do a walk-through, just to “be sure” and (of course) “to keep us safe”?

It is a serious question, not (as I will be accused of purveying) exaggerated or paranoiac. After all, we are already told specifically that we have no legal expectation of privacy when we’re out in public and it’s been implicit for years now that we have very little left in the way of Fourth Amendment rights anywhere – even in our own homes. See, for example, the recent Indiana Supreme Court decision that a homeowner has no right to resist even an illegal, warrantless and probable cause-free entry by cops. A cop, possibly psychotic, without doubt armed and packing the state’s authority to administer lethal violence – can literally kick in your door, for absolutely no lawful reason whatsoever – and if the homeowner resists, it is the homeowner who is in violation of The Law. If, say, you are asleep in bed and are awakened suddenly by the sound of your door being kicked in and you – fearing for your life – grab the pistol you keep by your bed and shoot the unknown berserker, it’s you who will go to prison!

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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  1. Catie permalink
    November 19, 2011 9:45 pm

    “Molon Labe!”…”Come and get ’em” or “Over my dead body” based on the translation in the times the phrase was used. The last time I willingly let police into my house to do a quick sweap for someone they had a warrent for that had not lived in this house for over fours years and had nothing to do with me, the officers (although acting rather polite) were quick to distract me, seperate and then STEAL two fully legal, and legally registered guns I had for my own home protection. Ever since then, you must have a warrent, or you’re going to have a problem. Period. I hope the American People don’t just roll over and except changes like these the way they have for so many other infringements on our liberties.

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