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Is Herman Cain really your choice for President???

November 17, 2011
Interviewed by the Journal Sentinel

I mean, REALLY???

Herman Cain on “collective bargaining”

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Herman Cain on Libya

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  1. November 18, 2011 12:30 am

    HERMAN CAIN: No but neither are the other unless you want to go back to Bush Neo Con Chaney’s time. Keeping in mind Bush was a puppet. No offense meant he was trapped. Taking back our country, good idea unfortunately these folks do not appear to be aware how far down the wrong road we have gone. Not because we the people are now divided between good and evil but because we failed to see evil penetrate, take over our values and and brainwash all those simple soul who actually
    believed is was God’s will. Take a good look forheaven’s sake and ask yourself “who is really running this nation? Becasue slowly, smootly devously, what God called Satan, but are really cleaver maipulators who took hold of our weaknesses and lured us down a road to moral disaster. Let us remember thet as long as we still have control of our “will to get and will to avoid” based on the cost and consequences, we are free. circumsatances.

  2. Rikki permalink
    November 17, 2011 12:08 pm

    Yes, Herman Cain really is my choice for President. As a business owner, I believe that he will be the man to get people back to work and to get the economy moving again in this country. That is my top priority. Americans need jobs so that they can support ther families.

    That said, I do agree with his stance on collective bargaining, to a point. Collective bargaining has had some positive effects in the work force. However, when it becomes burdensome to the taxpayers, then it is a problem. That is where I only somewhat agree with Mr. Cain. He doesn’t want it to become an undue burden upon the taxpayers and I do not want it to become a burden at all, to the taxpayers. When that power is abused, it hurts everyone.

    In regards to Libya, I agree with his response, it just took him awhile to get around to it. Personally, I like when a person puts some thought into their reply instead of just spouting off the first thought that comes to mind. We need someone who is willing to think and consider all options before running off at the mouth.

    Now, I don’t agree with everything that Mr. Cain is campiagning on but there isn’t a candidate out there whom I will agree with all of the issues. It’s just that Mr. Cain comes closest to representing my own values, principals and beliefs. It also helps that he is a businessman and not a career politician. I am a Tea Party member and that was one of the very first things that we hoped to change. We agreed to “Vote them all out!” I refuse to lose site of our goals. Newt, Perry and Romney are good ol’boys who are more concerned with protecting their own assets rather than the good of the nation as a whole, as I have found in doing my own research into the candidates. Of course, this is just my own humble opinion. God Bless!

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