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Leaving Iraq?

November 1, 2011
Ron Paul

It is not too often I am pleased by the foreign policy announcements from this administration, but last week’s announcement that the war in Iraq was in its final stage and all the troops may be home for Christmas did sound promising.  I have long said that we should simply declare victory and come home.  It should not have taken us nearly a decade to do so, and it was supposed to be a priority for the new administration.  Instead, it will be one of the last things done before the critical re-election campaign gets into full swing.  Better late than never, but, examining the fine print, is there really much here to get excited about?  Are all of our men and women really coming home, and is Iraq now to regain its sovereignty?  And in this time of economic crisis, are we going to stop hemorrhaging money in Iraq? Sadly, it doesn’t look that way.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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