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Are They Ohio? National Labor Orgs Fund Anti-Reform Union Front Group

October 27, 2011
Jason Hart, Breitbart
Source …..

How much do you know about Ohio’s Issue 2, the state ballot issue to uphold overdue government union reform passed this spring? Even if you’re burned out from the Wisconsin union circus — and who could blame you! — this is one swing-state issue you should care about.

‘We Are Ohio’ cares, to the tune of millions spent flooding Ohio’s airwaves with discredited class-warfare hackery. Who, you ask, is behind this “grassroots, citizen-driven” effort to kill government union reform in Ohio?

These figures were reported to the Ohio Secretary of State at the end of July, which means campaign totals are likely to be far greater. If you know any Ohio voters, make sure they know opposition to Issue 2 is being driven by D.C. union bosses. If you’d like to support the efforts of Ohio conservatives to counter the union smear campaign, check out Building a Better Ohio!

For more Issue 2 information, stop by my site, visit Ohio conservative blog Third Base Politics, or catch me on Twitter, @jasonahart.


And this from a friend in Ohio …..


Cleveland Teachers Union (CTU) & Rite Aid Unite in Solidarity
David J. Quolke, President, Cleveland Teachers Union
UFCW Local 880/Rite Aid Strike

Letter of Support




And, then, this …..


Did Kevin DeWine Really Use Mitt Romney to Embarrass John Kasich?
Bytor, Breitbart

By now you’ve surely heard about Mitt Romney’s famous visit to Ohio on Tuesday. First, he visited a call center where volunteers were doing work for Issues 2 and 3, but then declined to endorse the issues. Conservatives around the country jumped on him. Then it was revealed that he actually did endorse Issue 2 over the summer. Not only did this reinforce his dreaded “flip flop” weakness, Rick Perry jumped at the opportunity to embarrass Romney by declaring he fully supported Issue 2 and stands by John Kasich.

The next morning, Romney came out and said that, yes, he DOES indeed support, er…“question 2″, again strengthening the flip-flopper argument against him. Both conservatives and Democrats, including our old buddy ODP Chairman Chris Redfern, have had a field day with this. The entire visit was a disaster.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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