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The Patriot Act and Civil Liberties

October 26, 2011
The Rutherford Institute

Ten Years After Passage of USA Patriot Act, The Rutherford Institute Warns Against Further Erosions of Civil Liberties

On October 26, 2001, President George W. Bush signed into law the USA Patriot Act, which in effect gutted the Bill of Rights. Ten years later, whatever success America has had in routing out terrorists has been overshadowed by a society in which the police presence in America has exploded, with unconstitutional and SWAT team tactics increasingly condoned by the courts; the right to be considered innocent until proven guilty has been usurped by a new norm in which all citizens are suspects in a surveillance state; and the right to travel has been subjected to draconian security measures.

In recognition of the tenth anniversary of the USA Patriot Act, The Rutherford Institute has created a resource page on the dangers posed by the law, available here.

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  1. L. Rogers permalink
    October 29, 2011 11:10 pm

    The article noted the Patriot Act “granted the FBI the right to come to one’s place of employment, demand one’s personal records and question one’s supervisors and fellow employees, all without notifying the person being investigated.”

    Under former FBI Director Hoover, the FBI illegally used COINTELEPRO to target and destroy the livelihood of countless lawful protestors and other Americans for exercising their right to free speech; intimidated and questioned the target’s employer, often causing their termination of his or her employment. Under the Patriot Act the Government can use any ruse question, alarm and intimidate a lawful American’s employer to injure someone’s career advancement or cause their termination and or likewise intimidate a lawful American’s business associates and clients to drive off clients and business. Hitler’s Gestapo used similar tactics to destroy anyone who opposed the Nazi Government. The Patriot Act is even more dangerous because employers and others are threatened by U.S. Government agents to remain silent; not inform other Americans; that leaves the door open for a police state to run unchecked against its Citizens. The Patriot Act effectively has no public oversight because the FBI as of 2011 no longer has to disclose many investigative activities and has been documented to withhold that information from Congress.

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