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Grocery stores give food discounts to customers who agree to receive flu shot vaccines

October 16, 2011
Christina Luisa, Natural News

Have you read the NaturalNews report just published about Walgreens customers feeling verbally harassed by Walgreens employees at the checkout counter over flu shots? Multiple accounts from NaturalNews readers have continued to describe aggressive verbal harassment by Walgreens employees who appear to be “over the top” in pushing flu shots (even onto pregnant women!)

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More quotes from some of our exasperated Facebook fans: “I was just in Walgreens or CVS recently, buying batteries no less, when the cashier tried to talk me into having my flu shot. When I refused, I was greeted with a huge eye roll. I guess I didn’t help her quota.”

“At the Walgreens by my work they harass you RIGHT at the front door asking if you’ve had yours yet. GET OFF MY BACK!!”

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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  1. October 16, 2011 5:57 pm

    Wow thats really scarey!!! Why are the pharmaceutical companies pushing drug stores to promote vaccines??>? Is it because the govt is in bed with the pharmaceutical companies and the vaccines have toxics in them, that they believe, wal green type customers, would know nothing about???? What do you think? Who knows what may be in them besides mercury?? Perhaps they have time released toxins which can be activated at a later time?

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