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Watch Your Back, Joe: NBC’s ‘Today Show’ Pushes Hillary to Replace Biden

October 16, 2011
John Nolte, Breitbart

Along with their White House pals, the MSM is currently freaking out over the prospect of Obama losing his bid for reelection and nowhere is that more apparent than on the “Today Show” where, out of whole cloth (or not — more on this below), they’ve decided to float a narrative that says Secretary of State Hillary Clinton might be replacing Vice President Joe Biden on the Democrat’s 2012 ticket.

Like the rest of America, the “Today Show” is looking at President Obama’s lousy poll numbers, brewing White House scandals, and one lousy jobs report after another. But unlike, oh, 62% of Americans, the MSM is panicked at the thought of Obama not winning a second term. And since the President has already failed and is unlikely to un-fail over the next 13 months, the MSM is looking for what’s known in the political business as a game-changer.

And so, the charlatans disguised as journalists over at NBC are trying to craft one:

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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  1. October 17, 2011 12:50 am

    Actually the Media has been snipping at Joe Biden for a long time. It is mean vicious and disgusting, as well as stupid. V.P. Biden is a decent man, what those idiots are missing is Joe’s problem dealing with
    the garbage of political diatribe. From time to time he slips into the
    natural and unprocessed speech that relies on the truith as he sees it. I don’t necessarily agree with Joe in many things especially his love affair with Zionist Israel. Netanyahu spat on him twice and, while I am sure he had some sharp Irish reply the Media ignored him. But I heard another Joe Biden when Netanyahu told him he might just go ahead and bomb Iran regardless of Obama’s advice to which sweet uncle Joe, in a tone that does not allow reply said: “I would not suggested”. One of these days he will answer the Media. Reminds me of my International Law
    professor who notice a bully push me and I just looked at him, the professor told him, ” better be carefull one of these days she will stand up” I wondered what he meant. My military husband told me,”because you wait and wait but when you but when you do they will


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