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Will Holder Fold?

October 15, 2011
Karen Kwiatkowski, LRC

The DOJ card players have a credibility problem. 17 well-publicized “terrorist” plots since 2001 have been federal setups that never approached the professionalism of an early talent screening for American Idol. The federally micromanaged Fast and Furious gun running operation purposely ran guns to Mexico, and then blamed it on the 2nd Amendment. After it became known that over 200 people were killed as a result, a normally passive Congress questioned Eric Holder, who apparently lied under oath about it.

Last week’s “terrorist plot” – an odd Iranian “caught” by the bold federales in part because they “overheard” him explain in detail his complicated plan to his Mexican gangster “cohorts” has been immediately blown out of the water by state media from the left, right and center – taking their lead from independent media that is, thankfully, growing ever more influential.

Even Hollywood is in on the joke. The very idea of federal “law enforcement” is almost silly in this second decade of the 21st century. If the government of the United States can publically, through the president with justification by DOJ, assassinate Americans around the world and make war without Congressional consultation or approval, it has forfeited any right it ever had to “enforce the law.”

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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