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What Kind of Terrorist Are You?

October 12, 2011
Jeff Berwick, The Dollar Vigilante

The entire western style, democratic nation-state and financial system is in a state of collapse.  The collapse began in 2000 and accelerated dramatically after the first round of money printing wore off in 2007.

Since then there have been uprisings worldwide.  Even Americans have begun to awaken from their slumber with the “Occupy Wall Street” protests – although it is mostly a communist uprising at this point.  According to Diane Sawyer, anchor of ABC World News, the Occupy Wall Street protests have now spread to “more than a thousand countries“.  Sure, that is about 800 more countries than exist on this planet but, hey, close enough for a newsreader.

Nonetheless, there is definitely a movement for change going on in the world… and this has a number of governments scared.  Most western governments are essentially bankrupt and attempting to cling to power a little longer by once again printing money.

Governments are like an organism.  And, like a dying animal, governments around the world are thrashing about in their death throes finding any possible way to keep their enslavement game going a little while longer.

One of the predominant ways governments have begun to do so are to label anyone who is against their taxes, laws, welfare or wars as terrorists.  The word “terrorism” has been sensationalized to the point where even saying the word scares people.  So, all governments need to do to try to quell the masses is to make as many of us into terrorists as possible.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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