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Economic Apocalypse Goes Mainstream: Meltdown in Two to Three Weeks; It Will Spread Everywhere; Most Serious Financial Crisis Ever; Worse Than Great Depression

October 9, 2011
Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan

Predictions of an economic apocalypse are no longer restricted to the realm of fringe doom and gloomers lurking in the dark corners of the internet. As we’ve previously suggested uncertainty now pervades the social consciousness, not just in America, but the world over. Every major media outlet in developed nations is now reporting on the headwinds facing the so-called recovery. The problems and threats confronting the stability of the globe can no longer be dismissed as theoretical arguments, because they are now being actualized – in real time.

Greek strikes have nearly driven that country to a standstill, and the former deputy finance minister told CNBC a Greek default is “inevitable,” and that the only hope was for an orderly approach to dealing with the fallout.

You’ll note that this week Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke used exactly the same word, “orderly,” when discussing the threat posed to the European and U.S. economies resulting from a Greek default, going so far as to say that if such an event were “disorderly” it would “have a very substantial impact not only on our financial system, but on our economy.”

We now have reports that President Obama, in an attempt to distance himself from the blame which will assuredly be placed squarely on the White House once it becomes apparent that the government’s multi-trillion dollar attempts to stabilize the economy have failed, has indirectly joined with the protesters on Wall Street by pointing the finger not at himself, but the too-big-to-fail banks:

“I think it expresses the frustrations the American people feel, that we had the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression, huge collateral damage all throughout the country … and yet you’re still seeing some of the same folks who acted irresponsibly trying to fight efforts to crack down on the abusive practices that got us into this in the first place.”

President Obama
October 6, 2011

Never mind that he happens to be the President of the United States and the executive officer of the Treasury Department and SEC, and has had three years to implement regulatory reform and perp walk those individuals responsible for defrauding the American people and investors who lost trillions of dollars due to fraudulent business practices by the very banks who donated millions of dollars to his campaign and those of other Congressional representatives.

President Obama, the US Congress, the Federal Reserve, the European Parliament, the IMF, institutional investors, and corporate leaders know what’s coming.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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  1. October 9, 2011 11:11 pm

    The fact is that for us who are neither Democrats nor Republican that don’t care about political aprty and wish we only had one think we advocate ad stand for and that is the Pro Constitutional America and
    lets keep it so. Had we followed the guidance of the funders we would not be in this mess because we would not have allowed Con Men to get us into all kind of foreing intrigue, and for sure, non of the founder felt that the greatness of the USA depended on the Might of the USA or being the Leader of the world. Find me any thing in the Constitution that justifies that neo-con idiotic speech by Ronmey to show Patrtiotism, then I will listen to the rest of that Buch Chaney Netanyahu,etc etc, also known as Zionist Neo Con garbage. The new status reserved for us MOB, parassite, vermin by Cantor, Bloomberg and fellow Zionists. As for Obama his biggest mistake was to surround himself with those same Neo Con-Zionist of the inner sanctum of the
    Democratic party that was there.

    Europe is going down, taking us along, yes with one correctio, our scum sold Europe and the world a bunch of fake worthless papers Obama had to pay back when he got in. So for us Independents Obama can go down with them if he wants to but we will get ourself together and have a modern “hanging” of all of them. We can close that darned GATE to all yes including Israel she has coused enough problems, and h sing will say, “welcome friends who come to roll up their sleves and help clean out this mess” All illegal alien and future immigrants will be sent home to clean up their backyard instead of running away.

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