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A Nation On The Eve Of Destruction

October 6, 2011
Michael Bruning


Conservatives continue the political process of morphing into RINO’s and other less complimentary unpatriotic slime that would not even be welcome at the local waste disposal plant.  What is this you ask?  Simply put, it is a concerted effort by the establishment elite, on both sides of the aisle, to, through slight of hand and covert actions, undermine the Constitution of the United States, first with the cooperation of the Legislative and the Judicial Branches and lastly, but most importantly, through the Executive Branch of our government.  We are indeed a nation in dire peril and we should be very afraid, or perhaps, even terrified.

Most everyone reading this rant is aware of those legislative actions that began this downward spiral.  Between enacting the 17th Amendment which dissolved the way that we elect our United States Senator’s, the establishment of the Federal Reserve System and the destruction of the gold standard, the politically influenced “great depression”, our instigation and participation in multiple undeclared wars and so-called “police actions and the establishment of our military influence and bases around the world, not to mention trade agreements and the capitulation to the authority of a One World Order via the UN….we have travelled a very long way in the past 100 years from the Constitutional Republic that was.  And now, we see the very same political treason being committed, not only by this administration, but by every single Member of the Congress and the Supreme Court.  Yes, we should be terrified that the very idea that our Constitution and thus our freedom and liberty are both up for grabs to the highest bidder – would even be considered by the very people that we trusted with our vote.  There is no innocent individual in this herd.  They are all like the swine possessed by the demon.  If they are in for a penny, you can be sure that they are in for a pound.  What could they possibly be thinking….if what they are doing can be considered thinking?

The question that millions of Americans have been raising for the past 3 years is directed at the citizenship status of Obama, whether it be the question of where he was born….or more importantly, is he a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN as history has and continues to define it as recently as 2008.  The very fact that 8 Members of the House and Senate, from 2003 through 2008, attempted to introduce a new Constitutional Amendment which would redefine the eligibility requirements for the office of president and vice-president, by changing the number of years required to be in the USA as a legal resident and by removing the NATURAL BORN CITIZEN clause….is definitely a very telling action.  Their intent was to affectively do away with a requirement unique only to the 2 top elected positions of our government.  Their intent was to remove any and all suspicion from Obama….and it worked.  When Pelosi and the DNC sent Obama’s certification to 49 of the 50 States and Territories, they, they removed the wording that such certification was within the requirements of the Constitution.  Only Hawaii received a certificate that contained words to that affect.  From there, the cover-up began and became part and parcel to the 100 year old conspiracy that is slowly but surely moving forward.

As we all know, no one but no one can get hold of any of Obama’s personal and/or political documents/records.  His first order of business after he was illegally sworn in was to sign an Executive Order ensuring that this would always be the case.  Since his usurpation of office, he has spent millions of dollars ensuring that the records would never be revealed….and on his side, at every judicial challenge, the Courts have ruled against the American people, claiming that we do not have “standing” to bring suit against him.  HOW CRAZY IS THIS?  But this is just the beginning.

As we survey the political landscape today, we can easily find and show that not a single GOP Candidate has spoken about or is willing to speak about Obama’s ineligibility to have sought the Office, remain in the Office or to seek the Office.  NOT A SINGLE ONE is willing to raise the question as to Obama’s lack of being a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN!!  NOT A SINGLE ONE!!  Not a Member of the Congress….Not a Member of the Supreme Court….Not a single member of the Media….Not a Sean Hannity….Not a Bill O’Reilly….Not a Judge Napolitano….Not Newt Gingrich….Not Michele Bachman…Santorum, Cain, Perry, Hunstman, Romney, Ron Paul….Not MSNBC….CNN….CBS…NBC…FOX NEWS….NOT ANYONE who belongs to the establishment elite or any member of the so-called conservative movement and not even the TEA PARTY!!

Indeed, you would think that after attempting to have the NATURAL BORN CITIZENSHIP requirement removed from the Constitution and after passing a Senate nonbinding Resolution in 2008, supported by Clinton and Obama, defining John McCain as a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN because he was born of TWO U.S. CITIZEN PARENTS on foreign Territory held by the United States, one would find it reasonable to believe that in order to be the president or vice-president of the United States….the constitutional requirement that has been around since 1787, would be and would remain, the accepted requirement.  But, we all know that this is not rue.  As such the conspiracy remains and the move to destroy our great Republic continues.  And how is this being accomplished?

It is no small coincidence that Marco Rubio, the Senator from Florida and perhaps Bobby Jindal, the Governor of Louisiana may very well be encouraged to run for president or vice president in the immediate, if not, near future.  Indeed, Sean Hannity, the idiot from Fox News has been pushing the question re Marco Rubio for some time and for whatever reason, Hannity is overwhelmed and obsessed with his single handed drive to be a “king maker” extraordinaire.  He is not the only “media puff” to raise this topic at every opportunity….but he is the most ardent proponent of a Rubio candidacy for higher office.  Unfortunately, Marco Rubio is not a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, nor is Bobby Jindal.  Neither of their parents were born in the USA and neither of their parents were naturalized U.S. citizens, PRIOR TO EITHER OF THEIR BIRTHS.  As such, for all the good things about them and the good things they can and will do for this nation, they are ineligible to seek the Office of the President and Vice-President, simply because they are NOT NATURAL BORN CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES.  Should their offspring wish to become the POTUS, the job is theirs to have.  But for Marco and Bobby, they are the victims of their birth….both destined to become great public servants in their own right.  So where do we go from here?

It is our duty to become well educated citizens concerning our nations founding documents and our 235 year history.  What blessings we have received from our Founders and via the sacrifices of blood and treasure from those who have defended and served this nation in times of peace and in the horrible experiences of war, must always be PRESERVED, PROTECTED AND DEFENDED from every enemy of freedom and liberty.  We cannot buy in to the idea that our Constitution is a living, breathing document that can be MISINTERPRETED to suit the needs and the opinions of the left, rather, we must always treat it as an instrument divinely inspired by a higher authority with a concrete set of ideals and a firm and unshakable foundation….so that it serves every citizen and upholds every law equally….for everyone.  Were we to abandon our loyalty and allegiance to this nation’s high standards, then no Oath will ever mean anything in our Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of government.  No “public servant or elected or appointed official” will take seriously their obligation to perform their job within the confines of the Constitution.  No member of the military will feel bound to observe the chain of command, the orders they are given….or to meet the demands of DUTY, HONOR, COUNTRY!!  Yes, these are but some of the major concerns we should all be having.  But, more important than these will be the horrible message that WE THE PEOPLE can become and remain indifferent to our responsibilities and purpose as citizens.  We will have utter chaos and madness running rampant in our nation and the Rule of Law will not exist.

If we cannot PRESERVE, PROTECT AND DEFEND our Constitution, absent that same commitment from those we elect and appoint to govern our nation…then it is time that we raised the white flag of surrender and participated in ending this Republic.  However, if such is not the case and our love of country still resides within us….then it is our duty to face our traitors, wherever they may hide and remove them from the very positions of trust that they have blemished with their treason.

It is far better that we shed the blood of patriots than sleep with those who are tyrants.  We have but one Constitution.  It has served us well.  It is now time to decide whether or not we want to keep it or send it to the dust bin of history.

Let the conspiracy end on our watch.  The President and the Vice-President of our Republic….MUST BE NATURAL BORN CITIZENS.  We must settle for nothing less.  That was the judgment of our Founders and it must remain ours as well.

God Bless America –


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