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NEW HERESY: Should Congress Impeach the President?

October 5, 2011
Downsize DC

Quote of the Day: “It isn’t illegal if the President does it.” — Richard M. Nixon

We have re-launched a campaign to impeach the President. The sample letter below will explain why we have done this.

WARNING: Those who maintain partisan loyalties may wrongly believe we are pursuing this campaign for partisan reasons, or out of personal animosity for the President. Nothing could be further from the truth. We want to make this clear . . .

  • Our organization is legally non-partisan, and temperamentally ANTI-partisan.
  • We distrust all political parties, and all politicians.
  • We take NO position for partisan political reasons, for the simple reason that we have NO partisan political loyalties, AT ALL.

Instead, we are doing this because we think the legal situation requires it. The sample letter below will explain in more detail. But . . . out of respect for those who may disagree . . . we are placing this campaign on the “Heresies” page on our website. As always, you are a free to disagree with us, and to tell us you disagree.

On the other hand, if you strongly support our position, you may want to help us notify the media about it (see more details below the sample letter).

The hardwired portion of this campaign’s letter to Congress reads . . .

Please begin impeachment proceedings against the President.

I have added the personal comments that follow. Assuming you agree with our position, you may copy or edit my comments to send your own letter to Congress…

I’m asking you to impeach the President because I believe he is guilty of murder. The President ordered the military to kill an English-speaking, natural-born American citizen, Anwar al-Awlaki (ah-law-key), using a drone missile.

This is illegal. No citizen can be harmed by any agent of the state except through the application of legal due process (Fifth Amendment). President Obama violated this requirement. This makes him a murderer.

The only legal redress available when the President becomes a criminal, is impeachment by Congress. Therefore, the rule of law requires that you make use of this procedure now.

You may think that the President deserves the benefit of the doubt in this case, just because he is the President. I believe the exact opposite.

With great power comes great responsibility. The President must be held to an even higher standard, precisely because he is the President, and exactly because he has so much power over the lives of others. No person with the power to order missile attacks on individuals can operate free from the strong constraints of legal due process.

Remember, the President, and every other agent of the state, including all members of the military, were required to presume that Awlaki was innocent. The President assumed otherwise, and took upon himself the powers of a vigilante, making himself the judge, jury, and executioner (Separation of Powers).

The President has failed to honor his legal and moral obligations, so now the responsibility falls on you. You must use the impeachment process to prosecute the President for murdering an American citizen.

I well understand that the thought of this action must make you squeamish. I understand that you operate in a hypocritical and lawless environment, where citizens are held to high legal standards, but politicians are allowed to get away with anything and everything (except perhaps posting naked pictures of themselves). I understand that nearly all members of Congress violate the law, especially the Constitution, nearly every day. But this situation is unique . . .

  • An American citizen has been murdered
  • Congress, for once, is not complicit in the crime
  • So this is Congress’s chance to be on the right side of the law for a change
  • Democrats can show that they aren’t partisan hypocrites by leading the charge
  • And Republicans can show that they’re through excusing wanton criminality in the name of national security

I am waiting to see if the political class will hold itself to the same standards you constantly apply to “mere citizens.” The President has confessed to murder. Impeach him.


You can send your own impeachment letter to Congress here.

This morning, during the 9 AM hour, issued a press release to thousands of media outlets.

Your contribution can help us send more releases.

Perry Willis
Vice President, Inc.

P.S. A call for the impeachment of any President is considered by many to be an overt partisan act. But it’s NOT in this instance. President, Jim Babka, explains why on our blog.

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  1. October 8, 2011 4:16 pm

    Don’t waste your time trying to impeach Obamao. It simply is NOT going to happen. With Harry Reid and the Democrats having control of the Senate, any attempt to impeach Obama will be played in the press as a racist attack. NO MATTER WHAT HE’S CHARGED WITH OR WHAT EVIDENCE THERE IS AGAINST HIM, HE WILL NEVER BE CONVICTED BY THE SENATE. If it even looked like there might be enough votes to impeach him, Harry Reid would simply prevent it from coming up for a vote. Obamao could sodomize every single grandchild of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Steny Hoyer in the well of the House and never be impeached because those three would protect him NO MATTER WHAT. There is simply no legal way to remove him from office, and any attempt to do so will be used to insure his reelection.

    We are stuck with Obamao until January 2013 and his bad policies indefinitely thereafter. The BEST way by which to fix the mess that 2 years of Democrat control would be to have Obama ruled ineligible, invalidate all legislation, executive orders and judicial appointments that he has made, and then convict him and all of his top supporters for treason. I would say that the best manner by which to insure the passage of legislation to repeal all of the bad legislation during the January 2009 – January 2011 would be to investigate his eligibility, prove him ineligible and then tell all of the usual suspects that they can support repeal of the laws, and resign, or be arrest, tried and convicted of treason. A conviction that will cost them their pensions, and benefits. I would pay money to see Harry, Nancy, Steny, and Bawney Fwank frog marched out of the Capitol Building in handcuffs.

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