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TSA Police Beat Unsuspecting Girl At Airport Causing Brain Damage At Reagan National Airport

July 27, 2011
Alexander Higgins
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TSA police attack and beat an unsuspecting woman at Reagan National Airport, by first tossing here across the room and then smashing her head into a table and giving her a concussion

The Dr. Phil show previously ran a segment which reported a woman being beaten by TSA police at Reagan National Airport.

The Associated Press also reported on the incident.

Security video footage from that incident

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  1. August 2, 2011 11:18 am

    KEEP THE POWER and Franklin thank you for not flying it doesnt bother me what so ever.

  2. August 1, 2011 10:16 pm

    That is why I quite flying.

  3. Keepyourpower permalink
    July 27, 2011 3:07 pm

    The fact that all these lemmings can let the TSA/Homeland Security take their FREEDOMS away from them, is the reason this is not only becoming a police state, but a Marxist/Muslim dictatorship!

    It seems that most of the people in the USA are Blind, Deaf, and Dumb to what is happening right before their eyes and ears!

    I am a former police officer…and I would have used psychology with this woman. I know what she was doing…the same thing I would do…WATCH what this man was doing with her belongings…her 4th Amendment right. He could steal something from her purse etc if she had to sit with his back to her. And they would probably get mad at me too, because I am a very friendly person, and like to talk while busy…and would figure this old man would not mind.

    The guy in the light blue does not appear to be a police officer, but probably TSA..probably hired from a McDonalds somewhere. He appears to be deviant from what I saw of him. He seems to get off on wearing that uniform. And WHY does he have kevlar on? In an airport where they are searching bags? Is he afraid one of the pieces of luggage would jump up and shoot him? The citizens have already gone through the x-ray machine or been patted down! HE is the one who slammed her head on the table…NOT the dark uniformed police officers.

    What they did was so WRONG! The guy in the light blue shirt seemed to WANT her to do something wrong, so he could help TACKLE her from behind.

    She said more than “that is my contact solution”…but she was probably explaining that she wanted to see what the TSA guy was doing to her belongings.

    I refuse to fly. I refuse to use public transportation. The TSA is not not only in Airports, but Bus stations and Train stations. They are actually searching people’s bags as they LEAVE the train stations!
    What the???

    Now tell me what jurisdiction the TSA or Homeland Security has to send a bunch of armed officers into a High School Prom and search every student there? They did just that!

    When I first heard the name Homeland Security…I felt like I was in Nazi Germany! HOMELAND???
    Isn’t that what the Nazi’s called their country(s)? I knew then this was the end of our God Given Rights under the Constitution! I knew a Police State was ahead.

    I also know how MOST law enforcement people think! And believe me…it is scary! Many of the people who go into law enforcement have mental problems. Many want the badge to bully others. Many are Narcissists. And it seems Narcissism is pandemic in the USA!

    We even have one of them sitting in the Oval Office!

    What we need at airports are military men with oozies like in the Rome, Italy airport and the Israeli airports. And they need to use the same tactics that the Israelis use to stop terrorism in the skies….PROFILE! Those are the only 2 things they need…not x-ray machines and pat downs.
    I figure full body cavity searches are next. And if so, I doubt they will hire doctors to do it.
    Everywhere else in the USA are required to have a doctor do a full cavity search.

    A former Miss USA complained and cried on youtube that the TSA officers stuck their fingers in her vagina..not once, not twice, not thrice….but four times! If that had been me…I would have sued the creeps!

    Any place else in the USA…..that would have been aggravated sexual assault! Come join this site.

  4. July 27, 2011 12:23 pm

    I am personally surprised the US Citizens put up with this.

    The “security” came back and this this is perfectly acceptable? Wow. If they did this out on the street they would be getting years of prison time for assault.

    People still fly, and do not fight about the going up against the TSA thugs. I’m sure even if we had to all arrive at the airport naked, put on a taser bracelet around our privates, and not be allowed any food or water during the flight, people would still line up to deal with them!

    I’ll be discussing this tonight on my radio show over at Freedomizer Radio ( at 9pm-midnight EST/ 6pm-9pm PST.

  5. July 27, 2011 8:22 am

    i’ve been saying that we need to get together and wait for the pos’s to get off work and beat their asses and leave them naked hanging from a freeway overpass. problem solved


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