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Debt by a Thousand Little Cuts….

July 26, 2011
Eric Peters,

In Medieval times, supposedly, there was a punishment called “death by a thousand cuts,” designed to make the process as long and as painful as possible. In modern times, the state does what amounts to the same thing to our finances – and thus, to our financial security – via a tower of taxes and fees on everything we do and everything we (supposedly) own.

Consider for instance the annual “registration” fees we (most of us) are forced to pay every single year in return for the privilege of having yet another scrap of government-issued paper in our glovebox (and maybe another ugly little sticker to put on the license plate that we also had to pay for, separately). Here in Virginia as in many other states, the Graspers recently upped the ante to almost $50 a year per vehicle, in perpetuity. By itself – and assuming you’ve only got one car – sending the Graspers another $50 may not seem like a very big deal. But, consider:

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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  1. July 26, 2011 11:54 am

    What Barack Obama does NOT want all of us to know, whether Democrat, Independent or Republican, related to the debt ceiling. Over $600 Billion dollars of our taxpayers money has been stolen from us and here is why, when and how:

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