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Treason, Redux

July 24, 2011
Michael Oberndorf, RPA

I don’t know about you, but I always thought that it was an act of treason to intentionally undermine the Constitution. I also thought that intentionally committing acts that economically cripple the country, thus rendering her incapable of defending herself or standing as a sovereign nation was also treason. And doing this at a time when the country is, rightfully or wrongfully, at war, thus, giving aid and comfort to our enemies, in my never humble opinion, leaves no doubt that this is treason.

Since the Democrats gained an unstoppable, lock-step majority in Washington, we have seen nearly a daily occurrence of unconstitutional legislation being passed by Congress and signed by the “president.” In the process, they took a deficit of some four-hundred billion dollars, and nearly quadrupled it in two years, by borrowing and “spending” like crack addicts, and leaving the American people, for generations to come, to foot the bill. I put quotation marks around the word spending, because much of what they did with our money was simply cash pay outs to fat-cat, neo-fascist Democrat bankers, brokers, corporations, and big, corrupt unions, ineptly disguised as “stimulus.”

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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  1. July 25, 2011 12:55 am

    I am not ready to agree that the Democrats are the villains but I fully agree on the recognition of what is TREASON. And we have too many in Congress from all sides that serve two masters, and that is TREASON.
    Accepting money fom special interest for special legislation and or votes is TREASON. It is also a crime, a bribe, as state by the IRS in judging the nature of a gift which is described as “something for somenthing” and influence or access are considered “something”. Also on the Books as violations is dual citizenship which implies two masters.
    So, let us not jump who is guilty in general but let us stay on course and judge each case on its merit and demand the law be enforced. You would be surprised how many will be required to abstain from voting on special interest issues. Incidentally, it is perfectly proper for Congress to honor a foreignb dignitar, however, it becomes questionable if such honor is used to undermone the foreing policy decision of the President–according to the Constitution only Congress can declare war, and Congress must sign all foreing treaties and commitments, foreign policy is the realm of the President. Once the President declare a position and a policy it is not far from treason for members of Congress to publicly denounce such policy and pledge support of the policy demanded by the foreign official. This Congress has done so more than once and by doing so made it impossible for the Presdident to conduct foreign policy in the interest of the USA. YES let us look at treason.

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