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Bernanke Plots Further Stimulus

July 17, 2011
Daily Bell

Ben Bernanke stumbles from one public relations disaster to another. Fresh off his ludicrous statement to Congressman Ron Paul that gold is not money, he has indicated that he’s ready to buy more of America’s junk bonds using currency printed from nothing.

Will it help restore America’s “greatness?” Nope. Essentially this is just another tax on the American people achieved by the roundabout method of price inflation. It may push prices of gold and silver through the roof, but it’s not going to change anything about America’s failing economy. In fact, it will make things worse. And perhaps that’s just the point.

It’s seems to us that it’s Bernanke’s job to make things worse. The Anglosphere power elites that apparently run much of the world want to run the rest of it and they are making an aggressive push early in the 21st century. Take a step back and the patterns seem increasingly apparent. A lot of it has to do with austerity.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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