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Is Sharia Law Being Implemented In America By Stealth?

July 1, 2011
One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

Part 2 in the “Me Offended” Series

At the conclusion of  “What? Me Offended? You Bet,” we were introduced to the American acronym of the word “JIHAD”: Join in Halting America’s Destruction.  Since that article was written, America has opened her arms and welcomed the Muslim Brotherhood: you know, the Iranian-sponsored terror organization that overthrew the Egyptian leader and is now starting to implement Sharia Law there by killing Christians, amongst others.

Muslims have taken over countries for centuries and have perfected the method of doing so as a purely predictable science. Step One is to convince the populace that is being conquered that Islam is a “peaceful religion” rather than a Totalitarian system of government that renders women second-class citizens who have absolutely no control over their lives and, consequently, live a life of horror as slaves and subject to an “honor beating” or an “honor killing” at the whim of their male handlers, be they a father, uncle, brother, husband, or religious police, such as the Taliban.

The second step that Muslims force upon an unsuspecting people is the building of weapon factories and combat training emporiums advertised as “neighborhood cultural centers,” which in fact is a mosque. But you and I aren’t welcomed within the stealth center except on sanitized “open house” days, where the uniforms, weapons and hate banners are put away in storage until we, the infidels, vacate the sacred premises.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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