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Obama and the undocumented Democrats

June 30, 2011
Roger Hedgecock, San Diego Metro

Presidential candidate Barack Obama, seeking the Democratic Party nomination in 2012, stumped for the illegal alien vote in El Paso, Texas, urging Congress to pass an amnesty bill and hitting Republicans for wanting to build a moat at the border and fill it with alligators.

Obama’s signature soaring rhetoric extolled the beneficial impact of immigration throughout the history of the United States, citing Einstein and I. M. Pei and the immigrant founders of Google, Yahoo, Intel and eBay, smoothly blending the importance of these legal immigrants with the tidal wave of illegals swamping the country’s social safety net, prisons and schools.

After the inspiring reminder of what America owes to past (legal) immigrants, came the trademark slam, the Alinsky left hook. “At times, there has been fear and resentment directed toward newcomers.” Translation: Enforcing immigration law is racist.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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