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Texas Legislators: Please Vote for the Texas TSA Bill

June 28, 2011
Joan R. Neubauer, CFP

Gross violation of our 4th Amendment rights

Texas legislators have to stand up and fight to retain the sovereignty of the state and our Constitutional rights.

The first time the TSA bill came to the floor of the Texas legislature, it sailed through the House unanimously but never made it to the Senate because of threats by the Department of Justice. Then Governor Perry put it on the agenda for the special session and the legislature was supposed to consider it. That failed because of the lack of a quorum. Today, the legislature is supposed to take it up again.

Stand up! Tell the TSA that they have no authority in Texas, because that federal has no brakes and is careening toward a police state at a break-neck speed.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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