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At least one Senator is going after the TSA

June 26, 2011
Brasscheck TV

Is John Pistole really that stupid or is he just totally corrupt?

A deranged and un-passported young man from Africa was put on a plane to the US (apparently with official US help) and he happened to have an entirely ineffective explosive in his underwear.

This happened exactly ONCE in the entire 100 plus year of history of aviation.

Therefore now EVERYONE who gets on a plane is an automatic suspect of doing the same thing?

Infants? Six year olds? Elderly people in wheelchairs? Families on their way to Disney World? Troops coming from from Afghanistan? (All targets of abusive searches by John Pistole and his employees.)

Are you serious Pistole? How do you sell this total crap with a straight face?

This is not security. This is not law enforcement. This is not even sanity.

This is a bunch of profoundly mediocre individuals – Janet Napolitano, John Pistole – holding onto to their jobs by being willing to say and do ANYTHING.

Meanwhile, Michael Chertoff – drafter of the PATRIOT Act, head of Homeland Security during the New Orleans disaster, drafter of the “torture is OK” memo – is laughing all the way to the bank.

If there ever were a more contemptible collection of so-called American citizens, it would be hard to imagine them.

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