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County Stronghold – Power

June 26, 2011
Dan O’Brien, Post & Email

How Can The People Gain Control?

The power, property and labor of we the people have been seized by a corporate matrix of banking, industry, military and government, and taken as their primary resource with which to capture and rule the world.  Our high-level efforts to repel the rape, pillage and plunder through better law and stronger leadership have proven too little too late.  A more basic tact is needed.

Though we cannot successfully confront their power, we may well be able to diminish it, as it relates to the U.S.  Let’s take a look at the basics.  Begin by classifying things that surround us, as being either natural or unnatural.  In America, let’s consider it natural if it was here before Europeans arrived.  Include mans natural Rights and natural laws in this category.  All else is unnatural, added later to improve our style of living by the import of goods and by improving our environment through the application of modern technologies, commerce and natural resources towards the production of better goods and services.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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