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Obama Claims War Powers Act Doesn’t Apply in Libya

June 17, 2011
Jason Ditz,

White House: Libya War Not Technically a War

Faced with Monday night’s House vote to withhold funding and demands from both parties to provide a justification for the conflict, the Obama Administration today claimed that the War Powers Act doesn’t not apply to the Libya War.

The administration’s argument is that the Libyan War is not technically a war from America’s perspective, since they are only playing a “support” role for NATO’s attacks. Despite this claim, the US has continued to fire missiles of its own at Libya and has troops deployed in the conflict.

The later of which is the actual test under the War Powers Act‘s language, as it requires the administration to seek Congressional authorization for any use of forces beyond a 60 day grace period. Such authorization has not been granted, and it is now nearly 90 days since the attacks began.

Incredibly, the Obama Administration itself was using the War Powers Act as justification early on for its lack of Congressional authorization, insisting it had a full 60 days to do so. With those 60 days long gone, suddenly they have decided it no longer applies. This might explain the linguistic gymnastics of a number of officials, who have referred to the war as a “kinetic action.” Yet the War Powers Act, passed during the Vietnam War era, was careful to not include this out, making it clear all uses of troops required such authorization.

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  1. marlio permalink
    June 17, 2011 2:36 pm

    If we are using any of our troops on the ground or in the air, to inflict harm in Libya , we are at war with them. Obama is not obeying the Constitution since he has not asked the approval of Congress. I really dont know why we are in there or Yemen..REally even Egypt. They havent done anything to us, and im not sure Al Queda even exists, except in the minds of the Government and Cia which invented it. Taliban exists but no Al Queda and Obama did not kill Osama and thats why he wont post any photographs. Osama died in 2001 according to Bhuetto so you cant kill a dead person, even if you need the ratings. Obama is not fooling anyone except himself and his advisors. Everyone else sees straight through him as he has become very transparent as to what his motives are and what his weaknesses are.

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