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Veterans beware

June 12, 2011
William Heuisler, Tucson Crime Prevention Examiner

Why is our Sheriff serving search warrants with armored cars, sirens and SWAT teams? Could it be because the Feds say veterans, and citizens with gun training, are dangerous?

On May 5th, SWAT supervisor, Bob Krygier was obviously expecting serious trouble as he got out of an armored Bearcat (18,000 pounds, worth $240,000) at a Tucson home. Sirens blared and an assault team clustered at the door of an alleged “murder” suspect.

Twenty seconds later the assault team broke in and shot Jose Guerena 22 times.

Oddly, the SWAT team had been briefed for a search warrant that Jose Guerena was “associated with a homicide where a husband and wife got killed,” and, “If something were going to happen, it was probably going to happen at Red Water” (Guerena’s house).

But Jose Guerena was an honorably discharged Marine veteran with no criminal record at all.

He was evidently a victim of Federal Government warnings about veterans. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), in agreement with the Southern Poverty Law Center, wrote a policy two years ago that anyone with the skills of a combat veteran, or any American who owns a gun – criminal or not – is a danger to society and should be dealt with as a known criminal because of their potential danger to police. (Steinback, 2011)

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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