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Health care freedom amendment proposed for Florida

June 8, 2011
Andrew Nappi, TAC

Floridians will have the opportunity to vote for “health care freedom” next year.

The Florida Health Care Freedom Act, a constitutional amendment initiative, will appear on the 2012 Florida general election ballot.

The amendment, “Proposes creation of s. 28, Art. I of State Constitution to prohibit laws or rules from compelling any person or employer to purchase, obtain, or otherwise provide for health care coverage; permits health care provider to accept direct payment from person or employer for lawful health care services; exempts persons, employers, & health care providers from penalties & taxes for paying or accepting direct payment for lawful health care services; permits purchase or sale of health insurance in private health care systems; specifies what amendment does not affect or prohibit.”

Approval will require a 60 percent super-majority of Florida voters.

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