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USA Today: TRICARE is ‘Too Sweet a Deal’

June 8, 2011
Terry Howell,

A recent head­line in USA Today’s edi­to­r­ial sec­tion reads, “Our view: Military’s TRICARE Ben­e­fits are Too Sweet a Deal.” [I’ll let you pause on that thought for moment] Of course they come to this con­clu­sion with the help of Defense Sec­re­tary Gates’ state­ments like, TRICARE is “eat­ing the DoD alive.”

Gates has been seek­ing to reduce the cost of mil­i­tary com­pen­sa­tion since he took the reins at DoD dur­ing the lat­ter Bush years, so it is no sur­prise that the national media would begin to respond as the USA Today editor’s have. But to call it “too sweet of a deal” may not set well with most mil­i­tary retirees.

The edi­to­r­ial con­cedes that health insur­ance for mil­i­tary retirees is “meant to be inex­pen­sive, as part of the com­pen­sa­tion for ser­vice­mem­bers’ sac­ri­fice.” But, USA Today tells read­ers, “The issue is how gen­er­ous tax­pay­ers should be in giv­ing mil­i­tary retirees insur­ance that cov­ers treat­ment by civil­ian hos­pi­tals and doc­tors.”

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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