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“Divided As Never Before”

June 7, 2011
Ron Ewart

The Unshakable Reality – Begging For A Solution!

It took over 150 years for the colonials to be done with England and it took a revolutionary war to undo the “system” England put in place.  Almost every day we keep asking, how do we unravel the complex, complicated and convoluted American “system” that has evolved over the last 80 to 100 years, that affects every aspect of our daily lives?   Think of all the social and environmental laws that have been passed in the last 80 years.  Think of the Supreme Court decisions, federal and state, that fly in the face of literal constitutional interpretations.  Think of the millions of bureaucratic rules, at every level of government, that have been promulgated and have the force of law.  Think of all thousands upon thousands of court precedents that have bent this free nation closer and closer to socialism and collectivism and away from unalienable, individual rights.  And what about the radical changes that have been made to public education in that time, that are not only embedded in the minds of the teachers and professors, but in all the text books as well and at least four generations of Americans who attended these schools of government propaganda and indoctrination.  How in the Hell do we undo all that?  How indeed!

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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