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You’re illegal in Maryland? you go to the head of the line; you’re legal? just pay the bill

May 24, 2011
Wes Vernon

Our signatures on the petition went out with Friday’s mail. All we did was urge the state of Maryland to put a new ill-advised “special interest” law before the voters. Let them decide whether it remains.

The state legislature passed — and Governor Martin O’Malley has signed — a measure that allows illegal aliens in the state to pay significantly lower in-state tuition at Maryland state-supported colleges and universities. And so, the over-taxed citizens of this high-tax state are circulating a petition to put the issue on the ballot.

The reality of course is that illegal aliens — by definition — are from “out of state.” But at the same time, there are American citizens from every one of the other 49 states who are not only legal, but — under Governor O’Malley’s bill — required to pay the full out-of-state tuition if they wish to go to school in Maryland.

That is a simple case of How to Reward Law-Breaking 101.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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