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New Wrinkle in H-1B Fraud: Stealing from the Taxpayers, Not the Workers

May 24, 2011
David North

While the abuse of immigration systems is as old as national borders, there are creative new types of fraud (at least new to me) that pop up from time to time.

One of the typical frauds in foreign worker programs is that the worker is charged for fees that should be paid by the employer. Recently the school board in Prince George’s County, Md., adjacent to Washington, D.C., was caught,as we recorded in a blog, doing exactly that to its overseas school teachers brought to this country under the H-1B program.

Plenty of private sector employers have been guilty of the same charge, with workers arriving at their new jobs, in the new country, deep in debt to exploitative middle-men.

This week’s new wrinkle, the flip side of the above and also within a school system, emerged to embarrass another controversial user of the H-1B program, a subject of our CIS memorandum entitled “H1B = K-12 = ?; A First Look at the Implications of Foreign Teacher Recruitment“.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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