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Here is What Your Lib-Dems Have for Backbones and Guts – Union Slave-masters

May 23, 2011
Jerry McConnell

Richard Trumka, Union Dues, Democrat re-elections

When big boss union leader Trumka sounds off, Lib-Dem Congressmen and women absolutely convulse and have spasmodic muscle contractions due to fear of labor union thugs closing in and carrying out the hidden threats of ‘dumping’ the these slimy slaves in a dark alley or something perhaps even worse.

The labor unions have purchased these one-time souls of family and God who are not even reminiscent of their former selves now as they cringe and crawl at the sound of their union master’s voice, for whom they are permanently indebted because of the simple act of receiving dollars, millions of dollars, in order to buy votes for one accursed word to any one of them – REELECTION.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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