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How to Avoid Being Manipulated by Left-Wing Experts

May 23, 2011
Sam Blumenfeld

Have you ever wondered what goes on in those left-wing, politically correct “leadership seminars” in which individuals learn how to become “leaders”? Who and what are they trying to lead? According to Beverly Eakman, America’s best writer on the subject of psychological warfare, these so-called leaders are professionally trained to manipulate you in going along with a group that promotes an idea, or a program, or a policy which you may at first not agree with, but in the end find yourself unable to resist.

Ms. Eakman’s enlightening book, How to Counter Group Manipulation Tactics, is a must read for those who will be involved in such group meetings. When you become aware of the unethical techniques used by these consensus-building community leaders, you become immune to their methods and your individualism reasserts itself.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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