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TSA Lies About The U.S. Constitution

May 17, 2011
Jim Kouri

The TSA responded to a Texas bill interposing on behalf of its citizens to protect them from overreaching airport screening searches by fabricating a constitutional principle, according to conservatives and security analysts.

The Texas House of Representatives unanimously passed HB1937 138-0 on Friday evening. Introduced in March by Rep. David Simpson (R-Longwood), the legislation would make it a state offense for any public servant to touch a person’s private areas, or touch them in a way a reasonable person would consider offensive, as a condition of travel or entering a public building.

“Groping innocent citizens does little to enhance security, but it does much to reduce our freedom and dignity,” Simpson said. “Freedom brings people together. This is not about Republicans or Democrats, but about the dignity of every man, women, boy or girl, and their freedom to travel without being treated as a criminal suspect.”

The legislation now moves on to the Texas Senate where Sen. Dan Patrick (R-Houston) will sponsor the bill.

The TSA responded in a statement on its blog, insisting it has the right to perform Fourth Amendment violating searches based on the supremacy clause in the Constitution.

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  1. marlio permalink
    May 21, 2011 9:03 pm

    This TSA search has been unconstitutional since the day it was passed into law. The government shall not commit search and seizure without due cause. Does This TSA agent not know the law or does he just pick words out of the air as obama does. The day they try to search me without due cause EVERYONE WILL KNOW IT, because I will resist, and not allow it because I am a free citizen, I am not a slave and I have sovereignty, and the TSA will not take it away from me. I do not give up my constitutional rights when I fly.

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