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Barletta goes national with immigration fight

May 7, 2011
Colby Itkowitz, LA Times

Former Hazleton mayor, now congressman, offers bill targeting ‘sanctuary cities.’

After just a little more than 100 days in office, U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta, who gained national attention for implementing strict anti-illegal immigration laws as mayor of Hazleton, has made the topic his first solo initiative on Capitol Hill.

Standing alone at a podium before a sprinkling of reporters Wednesday morning, Barletta said he was in the process of crafting a bill that would withhold all federal funding from so-called “sanctuary cities,” those that do not fully enforce federal immigration laws.

The freshman Republican, who represents Carbon and Monroe counties, also has asked the Congressional Research Service to calculate how much each such city — there are more than 100 in the U.S. — receives in federal taxpayer dollars.

“If the federal government wants to sue the state of Arizona because it claims the state is breaking federal law, then it should also sue the mayors of sanctuary cities because they are willfully breaking federal immigration law,” Barletta said. “Local elected officials who choose to ignore enforcement of federal immigration policy are aiding and assisting illegal aliens. They should not receive millions or even billions in tax dollars as a reward.”

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  1. May 8, 2011 12:50 am

    We can use the leadesrhip in Congress

  2. Brittanicus permalink
    May 7, 2011 7:10 pm


    Illegal Immigration will become a principle issue in the 2012 election for the potential president, because it deals with the loss of American jobs. Costs are spiraling to support the new arrivals, purposely the pregnant Mothers with “Foothold” babies. This too will become a prominent issue as for decade’s illegal aliens have been receiving preferential visas, because of automatic citizenship for their infants. The TEA PARTY Republicans are unwavering to amend this huge financial problem, to revise this misinterpreted law. President Obama is obsessed for pushing through a multibillion dollar plan, to give 20 million plus illegal aliens a path to citizenship. The mainstream of American has no notion that by federal law we must support those people once legitimized. In a study by the Center for Immigration Studies, the total net cost of the 1986 Simpson/Mazzoli amnesty (direct and indirect expenditures of services and benefits to the former illegal immigrants, less their taxable contributions) amounted to over $78 billion in the ten years following the amnesty pardon.


    An amnesty is a reward to those breaking the law. Issuing an amnesty to illegal aliens only encourages more illegal aliens enter the United States. The amnesty of 1986 was supposed to be a “one time only” amnesty promised by deceased Democrat Ted Kennedy yet since 1986, Congress passed a total of 7 amnesties for illegal’s: Yet this type of leniency benefits neither our social order nor those being amnestied. An earlier (INS) Immigration and Naturalization Service study established that after living in the United States for 10 years, the average amnestied illegal alien had only a seventh grade education and earned less than $9,000 a year. This detrimental to all Americans, as already subsist on a lowest of incomes with illegal aliens stealing jobs from our own class of people, who have been displaced by businesses for profit. Amnestied illegal aliens have no guarantor to support them financially.

    Instead, by enacting a mass amnesty, Congress places a shocking financial weight on American taxpayers to maintain those amnestied. The 1986 immigration bill has been a failure, not because it’s—BROKEN–but for the reason that the laws were never obligatory? By granting amnesties, Washington has set a dangerous precedent that threatens homeland security. Our normal immigration procedures involves screening to block potential criminals with foreign crime records, people with communicably diseases, anarchists and terrorists from entering the United States. Yet millions of illegal aliens have avoided this screening process by authorities and a volume amnesty would allow them to permanently bypass such screening, that was a serious oversight of the 1986 ICRA.

    It’s like Christmas daily as I receive around 300 E-Mail responses, with the majority of the public entirely positive to my commentary and blogs. The community who write to me feel disenfranchised by both political parties, because they see pandering to illegal aliens as future votes or importing cheap labor. They comprehend Republicans, inflexible Liberals and Democrats are responsible for this immigration agenda, displaying complete indifference to the American people’s interests. My correspondents are a reaction of disillusioned people from every segment of our culture, including legal Hispanics who are furious at being allied to the illegal alien chaos. Like me, I have informed them to join the millions of people of the rising civil insurrection of the TEA PARTY. The TEA PARTY is not true Republicans, but a splinter group of Centralist Independents, which are the moderate Conservatives in our society, who believe in the “Rule of Law.

    The TEA PARTY will not serve activists in the open border organizations, the Special Interests or money lobbyists and nor are they subservient to the Republicans, Democrats or Liberal zealots. The Tea Party has its own measure of patriotic Americans, who are sick of unremitting pandering by most States, federal government that are catering to an invasion of foreign nationals. It is the TEA PARTY’S intention to bring together and focus the power of the millions of angry citizens and permanent residents, with many small groups who will no longer remain silent. America is being invaded and slowly colonized. It is our duty, just as the 1776 revolutionist did; the People will resist.

    Taxpayers are paying a astronomical price in welfare and public services without severing access. The Tea Party leaders will attempt to thrash any path to citizenship, giving no tolerance to illegal aliens being accepted for any Amnesty; now or in the future. Sanctuary States should not be allowed to exist, as this like putting fuel to already raging fire..As American (TEA PARTY) patriots we must unite to take back an America, which has allowed the Rule of Law” to be lost on which it was founded. Our country that is nearly unrecognizable from only 3 decades back. We lift our voices in one common language to claim that our borders are protected, our laws be enforced, and that our US Constitution be honored.

    Illegal aliens have discovered a fraudulent avenue to aid President Obama predominantly become a strong contender in the 2012 election. Using forged absentee ballots illegal aliens in four States as Colorado, Texas, New York, so far have discovered, but how deep in previous election has this deception gone? In States as California and Nevada that are soft on election oversight, was the absentee ballot forgeries go undetected in huge populace States of nationwide? It’s apparent that President Obama considers Americans, who want to restrict illegal immigration laws in America, to be the enemy.

    It’s utterly dubious that government would not make trespassing on our lands a felony, which goes against our fundamental rights to defend America from enemies domestic and foreign. It’s equally questioning why E-Verify, Secure Communities, is not the law of the land? It’s interesting point of view that Napolitano a Leftist, wants a overhaul of current immigration laws, when the Ronald Reagan 1986 Amnesty was new enforced and still today an utter failure. To me shows further the governments disturbing inaction to control our border, no matter the consequences of criminal invasion. The TEA PARTY is resolute in upholding the 1986 Immigration Control and Reform Act, not trying to pass another law, to favor illegal aliens already here. If you are of legal standing the TEA PARTY has a place for you, to invite highly skilled technical workers, who will not take advantage of the US entitlement safety net. Businesses who hire illegal immigrants must be prosecuted to the full exemplary harshness the law will exercise. Find out more at NumbersUSA. Every prudent Taxpayer must take their Politicians to task whether federal or State, by calling their offices as soon as possible at Senate—202-224–3121/ House—202-225–3121 or locate these lawmakers in your phone directory blue pages.

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