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LaPierre demands Holder’s ouster over ‘Gunrunner’

May 2, 2011
Dave Workman, Seattle Gun Rights Examiner

Attorney General Eric Holder needs to go if he continues to claim he did not know the details about “Project Gunrunner” and the Justice Department continues to stonewall Congress about the controversial gun sting operation.

So said Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the National Rifle Association in a Saturday speech that brought an audience of NRA members to their feet several times at the association’s 140th annual members’ meeting here. It was a demand anticipated by a CBS News blog late Friday.

After noting that Holder had claimed he didn’t know about Gunrunner, and its off-shoot, Operation Fast and Furious, LaPierre had this to say:

Eric Holder said he didn’t know about the operation.  He’s the U.S. attorney general.  He’s supposed to be in charge, and he didn’t know? Who’s minding the store over at the Justice Department?  Because if Holder didn’t know … Holder’s got to go!—Wayne LaPierre

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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  1. Rwolf permalink
    May 2, 2011 11:48 am

    The ATF allowing the sale and transportation of guns to Mexican Drug Cartels, guns that killed people including a U.S. Border Patrol Agent, opened the door for love ones of victims murdered with these guns to sue U.S. Taxpayers.

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