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Have Billions Been Stolen From The U.S. Treasury By Prominent Government Officials?

May 2, 2011
One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

Current Eagle Illegal

The basic axiom in solving a crime is to FOLLOW THE MONEY. The same goes for the government of the United States: it is, and has been, corrupt beyond belief.  The United States Treasury has been depositing billions of taxpayer dollars into a secret bank account located in the Vatican Bank in Rome, Italy. These deposits have remained secret for years, and would still be, save for a disgruntled ex-employee who removed a computer disc from the bank with all the names and the amounts and turned it over to the proper authorities in Rome.

The definition of a SLUSH FUND is money used for corrupt political purposes, as in nominating, putting in office, and keeping in office a de facto con artist named Obama.  These illegal gains by those who occupy positions of trust are astounding, even to the most jaded and cynical amongst us. Imagine the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court having over a billion dollars in this account. So much for honesty and integrity of the highest position of trust in the United States. And we hired this crook to interrupt our Constitution? You’re going down, Roberts, for fraud, for being nothing but a common criminal, but even worse, you’re a traitor to your country, as is everyone else on that list.

Let’s add even more names.  Obama, Clinton, Bush; over 400 American citizens are involved in the theft, the rewards, the cover-up. And the old “Oh no, it just can’t be! I didn’t know I had $800 million dollars in a bank account somewhere off shore” isn’t going to sway a jury of your fellow citizens.

For those who want to know more about this slush fund, and the names (and more are being released as the authorities are learning more), just go to “Vatican slush fund” on any internet search engine and read all about it. It hasn’t been news in America because Americans no longer get the ‘news;’ all we get is what they want us to know, and that’s not ‘news;’ it’s called propaganda, which means the government will only tell you the half-truths or outright lies they want you to believe.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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  1. Rwolf permalink
    May 2, 2011 12:00 pm

    Months prior to 9-11, U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone introduced legislation to force transparency, to identify foreign offshore investors buying and shorting U.S. companies and stocks on the New York and other Exchanges. Then on October 25, 2002 the commercial airline Sen. Wellstone was riding crashed killing him and his family.Sen. Wellstone’s legislation never passed. Had his bill passed prior to 9-11, it may have been possible for U.S. Government to identify persons that appeared to know of 9-11 in advance, that shorted stocks, bought Puts on U.S. Stocks severely lowered by the 9-11-attacks.

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