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The Muslim Brotherhood Evolution: An Overview

April 30, 2011
Rachel Ehrenfeld, Ph.D.

The mass demonstrations that brought down the Hosni Mubarak regime might not have been started by the Muslim Brotherhood, which successive Egyptian governments had banned since 1954, but that well-funded and organized opposition group was quick to take advantage of the popular protests.

Their endorsement of the demonstrations and their active participation in them provided the Brotherhood with a legitimate voice in the emerging political leadership. The massive coverage of the uprising by the international media gave this Muslim fundamentalist global movement an excellent stage on which to enact its masquerade as a benign, freedom-loving organization. Looking for new alternatives to the old regime, the media and many political commentators have either ignored or deliberately misinformed the public about the real agenda of the group and the serious threat its rising influence poses to the West. Since its establishment in 1928, this secretive organization has frequently adopted new strategies, allowing it to grow and become a global organization with deep footholds in more than seventy countries.

This article lays out the Brotherhood’s agenda and highlights key points in the organization’s evolution that has helped it to survive and pursue its mission to establish a global Islamic Caliphate.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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