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Fear Not a Coup d’Etat

April 23, 2011
One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

How Do We Restore The U.S. Constitution As The Law Of The Land?

I thought it was the officers who ran the military. Honest mistake, really, if you were never in the military.  But, once in, you quickly realize that if you want anything done, you ask the people who make it happen, the Sergeants and Chiefs. Just before Obama’s first State of the Union address, I told my wife to see if the members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff shake his hand and if they did, I told her that this country is in for some serious trouble. Well, they did and we are.

And then a year or so later LTC Terry Lakin would like to know if his Commander-in-Chief is eligible to hold the office of president and would like to see the birth certificate, and not some phony meaningless piece of paper, and for that Lakin was kangarooed into Leavenworth. The Joint Chiefs of Staff could have, SHOULD HAVE, stepped in and made sure that the proceedings were done by the book, but they didn’t (no surprise, since they all shook his hand). So much for the officer corps, but God Bless Terry Lakin.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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