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Let’s Have a Government Sale

April 14, 2011
Daniel Greenfield

The big scissors of destiny are clicking and clacking their way to our national credit card. If we don’t raise the debt limit, so we can borrow more money to pay the interest on the money we borrowed before, the scissors will come down like economic armageddon. And the big shiny credit card that pays for everything gets cut up in two pieces. But never fear. If worst comes to worst, then we still have options.

Our government is big. Really big. So big that the 2.15 million government employees should be their own state. The population of government employees is already larger than the populations of Rhode Island, Wyoming, Delaware, Alaska, Montana, North and South Dakota, New Hampshire, Maine, Hawaii, Idaho, West Virginia, Nebraska and New Mexico. So big that if government employees formed their own state, it would be the 36th largest state in the union. So why not go for it?

Call it Bureaucratia, its state flag will be a stapler on a manilla background, its nickname will be ‘The Inaction State’, its state bird will be the Ostrich, its state flower made of plastic and its entire population will spend all their time in committee meetings to determine a suitably inoffensive state motto, pending that its motto will be, “I’m On Break”.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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  1. Pazuzu permalink
    April 14, 2011 11:11 am

    We could sell-off and privatize AmTrak. People in the government make enough money to buy their own “choo choo” trains. We could sell-off and privatize the Postal Service, the Parks Dept.
    and the Health, Education, and Welfare Dept. Go ahead and think about it and I’ll bet you’re able to add a lot onto my short list.

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