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Some Want Their Freedom, Some Fear It

January 25, 2011
JR Dieckmann

The conflict between liberals and conservatives in America is an ideological one. When our Founders came to this continent, they created a country where all men could live free and unimpaired by an all-powerful government. But living free also requires every adult to accept personal responsibility for his or her own lives and well-being.

This is where conservatives and liberal part company. Conservatives still believe in those original and constitutional values that are unique to this country. They are what make America exceptional. Conservatives are willing to accept the responsibility of running their own lives without depending on government bureaucracy for their care and assistance. This is an essential part of living life as a free person.

It has been said that conservatives just want to return our country to the days gone by. There is no interest among conservatives to return to an earlier age. Conservatives only want the politics of the country where ideals and values have been degraded and perverted by the left to be restored to what they were before the progressive decline – to preserve the principals and values that America was founded and built on.

Society always progresses forward in keeping with our science and technology, but social progress must be guided and tempered by the moral and spiritual values that established this great country. Just as important, it must retain the spirit of freedom and liberty that made America grow into the most industrious and powerful nation on the face of the planet. A status that has been rapidly declining over the past couple of decades thanks to the influence of global socialists and Fair Trade agreements.

There is, however, a faction of our society that refuses to accept their own personal responsibility for their lives and seems to need a custodian to take care of them, make decisions for them, guide them through life, and protect them from themselves. They choose to surrender their freedom for security.

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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