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Faceoff! States tell feds to back down

January 25, 2011
Bob Unruh

8 already considering plans simply to ignore Obama’s health-care takeover

What if Washington made a law and nobody paid attention? Or even more significantly, what if states specifically repudiated it and threatened to prosecute those enforcing it?

The questions no longer are rhetorical but a real option as eight states consider a blanket nullification of the Obamacare nationalization of health-care decision-making advances in their legislatures.

“Thomas Jefferson advised, ‘Whensoever the general government assumes undelegated powers … a nullification of the act is the rightful remedy,'” states the Tenth Amendment Center, which advocates a return to the constitutionally delegated powers for the federal government.

“When states pass laws to reject and nullify unconstitutional federal ‘laws,’ regulations and mandates – it’s not rebellion … it’s duty,” the organization states.

States already have been moving forward aggressively on several issues, with eight approving firearms freedom acts that reject some federal gun laws, 15 actively defying Washington on cannabis laws and seven passing acts that reject health-care mandates.

Now, however, they are moving a step beyond, according to center founder Michael Boldin.

He told WND today that seven states have introduced acts to nullify the federal health-care reform – including New Hampshire, Maine, Montana, Oregon, Nebraska, Texas and Wyoming. A similar proposal is expected to be filed in Idaho within a matter of days.

It’s another, and very important, field on which states can battle federal demands of their citizens, he said.

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