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Medical Alert! New information on an old and deadly disease called “Liberalism”

January 21, 2011
Bob1939, The Post & Email

And what do we know about Liberalism today? Surprisingly, we do know quite a bit about it, because we have had many years to research it. Simply put it is a terrible disease; one which can be fatal; and worse yet, there is really no known cure. If one has this liberalism disease, they are forever after known as a “Liberal”, exactly same as one with Leprosy is known as a Leper. Given a choice of being afflicted with liberalism or with leprosy, I would certainly choose the latter, as leprosy is curable.

Just how can you spot a liberal; it’s real easy if you know what the signs are. There are many indicators, such as…

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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