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America: On The Brink – Freedom Of Speech In Peril

January 18, 2011
J. D. Longstreet

Civil Unrest, Civil Disobedience, Rioting In The Streets Of America To Follow?

The political left in America is playing with fire.  As Americans of my generation can tell you our parents warned us many times that playing with fire would get you burned.  The left doesn’t know that.  If they do—they are choosing to ignore it – at their own peril.

So, allow me to lay it out for the left as simply and as plainly as I know how.  I apologize for the condescending manner in which this may appear, but, it seems the only way to get through the thick wall between the unrealistic world in which the left lives and the REAL world, where the rest of us live, calls for measures normally reserved for use with pre-school children. 

Here goes:  As long as Americans have the freedom to speak their minds openly, there will be, at least, some civility.  If American’s freedom to speak freely is taken, or restricted, all hell will break lose and that includes the strong possibility, and yes, even the probability of armed resistance. 

As I said, the left is playing with fire.  They cannot control it. If they do not back off, it will soon become a raging firestorm that will consume them in its ferocity.

Civil discourse is great.  Even uncivil discourse is, at least, discourse. But when the discourse stops, the remaining avenue of expression is — combat. It begins with civil disobedience. 

And now… the rest of the story. …..

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